Australian & New Zealand Military Aircraft Serials & History
Crash Sites and Memorials


by Grahame Higgs and Jose Cordoba

For longer than man has flown, aircraft have "unintentionally" come back to earth. As you browse through ADF-Serials and read the fate of all the aircraft listed, you will realise just how many crash sites there are in Australia. Some accidents have been no more than a mishap in a hedge, while others have been catastrophic disasters, resulting in a major re-think of how aviation is conducted.

In this contribution to ADF-Serials Grahame Higgs and Jose Cordoba hope to bring you pictures of the sites we have visited and the stories behind the crashes. We will be including some civil aircraft accidents, where we believe the story is particularly interesting. Many aircraft crashes involved the loss of aircrew, so visiting a crash site can be a sensitive issue. Please have regard for the following:

Many crash sites are on private land, don’t go trespassing, ask permission to access the site first. In order to protect private property, our policy is to only give precise locations to bona-fide researchers and historians.

Crash sites are part of our aviation heritage please leave only your footprints, take only your photographs. Specifically we ask please do not remove any wreckage or debris associated with the accident from the site.

The site may be sacred to the memory of a loved one and many incorporate a memorial to this effect. Please treat all crash sites with the respect and dignity they deserve.

  • Loss of Avro Anson A4-4 Mount Torbreck (David Hibberts/Artworkz via Anthony Dykes) New 28/08/2014
  • Loss of Avro Anson W2262 near Clackline WA. (Grahame Higgs)
  • Loss of Dakota A65-2. (Grahame Higgs)
  • Loss of Dakota A65-106 near Pearce WA. (Grahame Higgs)
  • Loss of Dakota A65-112 near Canberra ACT. (Jose Cordoba)
  • Loss of DC 4 VH-ANA near York WA. (Grahame Higgs)
  • Loss of Firefly WD869. (Jose Cordoba)
  • Loss of Macchi A7-018 at Pearce WA. (Grahame Higgs)
  • Loss of Macchi A7-039 at Gin Gin. (Grahame Higgs)
  • Loss of Spitfires A58-392 and 393. (Grahame Higgs)
  • Loss of US Navy R4D Dakota. (Grahame Higgs)
  • Loss of Wirraway A20-212. (Grahame Higgs)
  • Mercy Flight to Disaster - Lincoln A73-64, by Peter Finley
  • Red Sales Training Accident-East Sale 16th August 1962 by Greg Hyde
  • RAAF, Directorate of Flying Safety Accident Reviews, by John Crawley
  • Ramp Strike aboard HMAS Melbourne, by Phil Thompson
  • Lockerbie Disaster. (Grahame Higgs)
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    28 August 2014


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